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alcohol abuse leading to depression

Alcohol and Depression

  Alcohol is has become part of our culture. We drink socially, for fun, when we are stressed, or even for our health. Generally, this drinking is reasonable and our culture is comfortable with light to moderate alcohol use. However, drinking has become such a part of our culture that we often hear people use […]

Depression FAQ


How Long Should I Take Antidepressants?

This is a difficult question. Unfortunately, if a person has experienced depression, there is a substantial likelihood that he will survive it again. It is assumed that the risk of … More

Antidepressants Addictive

Are Antidepressants Addictive?

No, none of the drugs that are used as antidepressants currently are not addictive. Approximately 10% of antidepressant treatment causes side effects that require immediate … More


Do Antidepressants Make You Fat?

In fact, no one can gain weight from one tablet. And the myth is the belief that lithium provokes the accumulation of water in the body and, consequently, obesity. We can not, … More

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caring for someone with depression

Caring for Someone with Depression

 Caring for someone with depression can be a complex challenge. When a loved one is clinically depressed, you want to be there, but you may not know what is helpful and … More

depression caused by social media

Depression and Social Networking

 Social media is pervasive in our society. Just about everyone is familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. They have become … More