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depression in men problems

Symptoms and Treatment of Depression in Men

    Depression is a very difficult, painful and disruptive disorder for everyone who suffers from it. Depression can make you feel consistently sad, unable to enjoy life, exhausted, and make general day to day activities feel impossible. Depressed people also have difficulty making decisions, have sleep difficulties and thoughts of self-harm or suicide. It […]

Depression FAQ


How Long Should I Take Antidepressants?

This is a difficult question. Unfortunately, if a person has experienced depression, there is a substantial likelihood that he will survive it again. It is assumed that the risk of … More

Antidepressants Addictive

Are Antidepressants Addictive?

No, none of the drugs that are used as antidepressants currently are not addictive. Approximately 10% of antidepressant treatment causes side effects that require immediate … More


Do Antidepressants Make You Fat?

In fact, no one can gain weight from one tablet. And the myth is the belief that lithium provokes the accumulation of water in the body and, consequently, obesity. We can not, … More

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elderly prone to depression

Depression in Older Adults

  Depression is a common problem amongst older adults and the elderly, but it is not a normal part of ageing. The physical health problems that many elderly … More

mood disorders can be treated

Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

 Depression and bipolar disorder, otherwise known as manic-depression, are both part of a group of mental disorders known as mood disorders. Mood disorders encompass a … More

mentally ill dangerous

Why the Mentally Ill are Not Dangerous

Although America’s history is ripe with shooting sprees, in the past decade we have seen what seem like random shooting sprees across the nation, in schools, malls and movie … More