10 Biggest Misconceptions About Depression


No matter how much we talk about depression, the truth is that real awareness about this issue is close to nil. There are so many misconceptions about depression that we often have wrong and trivial presumptions about this serious conditions. Let us have a look at some of the most common misconceptions about depression.

  1. Depression is all in the mind- False! Depression can be the cause of many physical conditions too and this might even include chronic pain. Plus physical illness can be aggravated by depression.
  2. Depression is just a fancy word for ‘blues’- False! Occasional sadness because of an event or a person is something normal. However, depression points out to a more serious condition which needs medical attention.
  3. You can’t treat depression-False! It can be treated with the help of some therapy, counseling and even medications if needed.
  4. Depression is a sign of weakness- False! Only a strong person can fight depression. It can happen to happen at any stage of life but only someone who is strong to the bone can manage it well.
  5. Depression is treatable only with medications- False! Depression can be treated well only when medications are accompanies with positive attitude, better overall health and lifestyle changes. Medications can be used to support such changes but it would not work alone.
  6. Depression is a kind of madness- False! People often visit a psychologist because of their depression and get labelled as ‘mad’ instantly. It is not a madness. It is just like any other physiological illness that needs medical attention.
  7. Depression only affects losers, women and old folks- False! This is one of the creepiest misconceptions about depression. Depression can be experienced by anyone belonging to any sex or age group. Even children suffer from depression. Moreover, it has nothing to do with your financial status as well.
  8. Depression would go somehow- False! Even influenza needs to be treated. Depression is still a bigger deal. If you are feeling depressed, see a therapist as soon as possible. Don’t wait it out.
  9. Medical tests can diagnose depression- False! You need to analyze your symptoms and then go to a therapist. There is no blood test that would let you know if you are depressed.
  10. Depression demands lifetime treatment- False! Depression can be treated easily with the help of an experienced professional. You would not have to take a pill for a lifetime. Just co-operate with the treatment and it would be gone soon.