15 Websites That Will Lift You Up Right Now

1. THE NICEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET – A fantastic collaborative video experiment where you can get virtual, full-screen squeezes from hundreds of real people who’ve uploaded video of themselves hugging their webcams or video cameras.

2. 1000 AWESOME THINGS – is a regularly updated, Webby Award winning blog written by Neil Pasricha, who posts one awesome thing in life each weekday. The site was launched on June 20, 2008 with #1000 Broccoflower and is counting down until it hits #1.

3. CALM.COM – enjoy a moment of calm. One of the most positive and peaceful place on the web. Listen to relaxing music and meditate on life.

4. MAKE EVERYTHING OK – The most magic place on web, that makes everything in life to be OK again. Just press the button and let it happen.

5. WESTOPHATE – is a Realize Inc. non-profit program dedicated to raising self-esteem in teens (teen-esteem) through various social media platforms that engage teens to help each other gain confidence.

6. HOOPLAHA – Filled with inspiring videos and touching stories, Hooplaha is one of our new favorite happy-places. HooplaHa is meant to inspire, inform, enlighten, engage and above all entertain.

7. TODAY’S BIG THING – Make Today’s Big Thing your new home page and you won’t be inundated with depressing stories. As the founders say: “the idea is simple, there’s at least one great thing to see on the Internet every day. And that’s what we’ll give you. One great thing. One great picture or one great video so you can get back to pretending to work more quickly.”

8. HAPPY NEWS – Positive real-world international stories about business, health, science & technology, arts & entertainment, sports, heroes, opinion & editorial, environment.

9. ODDEE – A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! They write about: “10 Bizarre Sex World Records”, “10 Creepiest Eyelid Tattoos”, “15 Unfortunately Placed Ads”, “20 Ugliest Celebrities” and so on.

10. GOODLIFEZEN – a blog Mary Jaksch’s, writing about how to meditate, what is the meaning of life, the key to success and how to find authentic happiness.

11. GREATIST – as it claims, the website offers the most trusted, most awesome health & fitness content on the web. Their goal is to inspire just one healthier choice a day.

12. MARC AND ANGEL HACK LIFE – Passionate writers, admirers of the human spirit, and full time students of life, Marc and Angel enjoy sharing inspirational advice and practical tips for life on their popular personal development blog.

13. KARMATUBE – is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity.

14. POSITIVELY POSITIVE – “Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life”. Their goal is simple: to bring uplifting voices and messages to our community every day.

15. THINGSTOBEHAPPYABOUT – The website is based on the book 14000 things to be happy about and other books by Barbara Ann Kipfer.