Are Intelligent People More Depressed?

Intelligent people vs depression

It has been noted in various studies that people with higher IQ tend to be more depressed or unhappy with life. The intelligent people tend to look at the bigger picture in life, and there they start to ask the basic questions revolving around humanity and individual existence. They try to find meaning in this […]

5 Natural Supplements You Can Take To Help With Depression

Natural Supplements

Feeling sad or being upset are natural emotions of our bodies. However these emotions are short-lived. Being sad and anxious for many days wrecks havoc on the daily activities of life. Depression while being very common illness, is also very serious. Here are five natural supplements that will help you counter depression. Fish Oil – Rich […]

How Back Health Affects the Rest of the Body


The back is full of nerve receptors that connect directly to the rest of the body. Back pain can seriously affect the rest of the body, making it difficult to perform even the most basic of tasks. Back pain is one of the most common ailments, and is typically brought on by injury, disease, or […]

The Science of Happiness Infographic


by WebpageFX. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   The Science of Happiness. Happiness means different things to each of us, but biology and psychology reveal a lot of factors that contribute to our overall mood and emotions. Read through this infographic to learn tons of […]

Can Anxiety Cause Depression?


Depression and anxiety are something many people will experience in their lives. Indeed, between a fifth and quarter of people in western societies are estimated as experiencing these conditions at some time in their lives. Many sufferers experience both conditions simultaneously, showing that there is no clear delineation to mark where one begins and the […]

Getting to Sleep


Sound sleep eludes many people who are otherwise healthy. Yet poor quality sleep can ultimately cause physical and emotional problems, as well as strain both personal and professional interactions. Adverts are overrun with promises to aid sleep, offering a range of products from pills to pillows to sleepytime teas. However there are plenty of free […]

Benefits of Good Exercise to Older Adults

Legs of a young man running

There have been countless misconceptions when it comes to exercise and the age of a person. The popular notion is that old people shouldn’t be doing much physical activity. It will only injure them or cause many other complications in their older and weaker bodies. This is fallaciously untrue. The older you get, the more necessary […]