5 Easy Methods of Self Medicating Your Bad Moods

Self Medicating Your Bad Moods

Bad moods have become an epidemic. Just go out on the streets and find how many people are roaming out there with a frown on their face. Are you one of those people? If yes, then look for some self-medication techniques for treating your bad moods. They could be anything that you like to do or anything that makes you happy.

However, we are still presenting the 5 most popular and easiest methods in which you can do some self-medicating and drive bad moods away, forever.

  • Eat something great– we all have a favorite food that is above our dietary plans. This food is delicious, tempting, fulfilling and much more. Don’t worry folks. You can eat this food. Don’t overindulge and don’t make it a habit to eat it 10 times in a day. Just savor it the way you like. Maybe you like that premium ice cream flavor that melts in your mouth immediately. Eat it. Get it a big pack home but make sure you don’t eat more than a few spoons.
  • Play video games-if you have been feeling frustrated all this while, then you must definitely get some of your best Call of Duty and GTA titles and start playing them. It feels great no matter what. You would also be feeling good with those small mini games. They are easier and more fun to play. Plus, you would love the feeling to smash a few cars, bubbles or whatever comes in your way.
  • Get close to nature– if you are looking for a calmer self-medicating technique then you must definitely get close to nature. You must definitely have something very beautiful and natural in your city. Go to a nearby lake, a hike on a mountain or maybe a beach. The more you feel close to nature, the better would your mood be.
  • Exercise- yeah! This is one thing that gives you dual benefits. First of all, you would be able to get fit and also release your bad moods with the sweat. It always works. We mostly slouch on the couch and feel that the whole world is turning against us. Move your body and see what wonders it does.
  • Get a makeover– fight bad moods with a great makeover. Get a new hairstyle, try a new kind of clothing. Even if you don’t want to show it to the world, just do it for yourself.