7 Things To Do When You Feel Depressed Or Out Of Energy

Feel Depressed

When you feel depressed, it becomes a pain to even bat an eyelid. However, you need to understand that activity is the biggest enemy of depression. The more active you are, the better you would feel in fighting depression.

It is time to get a little motivation and start moving your limbs or even your mind when you feel depressed. Here are 7 of the most exciting things you can do when the first signs of depression are realized.

  1. Write- most of us do not really wish to go outside or do anything. A bed and a warm blanket seems to be the only good thing in the world to do. However, you can still do something that can help relieve your mind. Take a pen and paper and write down all that you have been feeling. It would help the negative energy go away instantly.
  2. Meet your friends for lunch- we are not suggesting dinner because you need to go out in the sun and experience some sunshine. People are mostly more energetic at noon then they are at night. A nice lunch with your best friends in a local restaurant would be perfect.
  3. Call someone- you must be able to call someone who is close to you. If you can’t meet them, then at least talking to them would feel great. You can even call someone who you haven’t spoken to in years. This would help when you feel depressed.
  4. Dance- it would take some time to gather your strength and dance but it definitely helps a lot. Just turn up the volume and do all those crazy moves that make you feel happy. Don’t worry, no one is watching.
  5. Hug your pet- if you have a pet, you already have an anti-depressant machine nearby. Play with them, hug them, feed them or anything else. Just keep yourself busy with the innocent activities of these little creatures.
  6. Send yourself flowers- so this might seem desperate at times but it really helps. You might be feeling really good with the smell of those flowers. Opt only for bright colors and beautiful bouquets. There can be nothing like it.
  7. Clean your room- yes! Get up and clean it. It is looking like a mess and is making you feel depressed. Just make sure that you are in a neat and organized room.