Autumn Depression -The Causes and Manifestations

Autumn DepressionA beautiful autumn day, a surprisingly warm weather and the sun is so warm. People poured out into the street to get warm before the long winter – walking, rejoicing. It would seem everything is great, but something is wrong, the good mood has evaporated, unfounded irritability has appeared.

If such feelings are familiar to you, it is likely that you have autumn depression.

It is easy to recognize autumn depression by strong emotional splashes – crying without reason, apathy towards life, and irritability to small things. However, very few people can agree that autumn depression is a problem. Most often we try to shrug off, find a bunch of excuses, such as lots of work, household chores, naughty children, it is just necessary to get enough sleep and tomorrow everything will be different.

Maybe so, but if the pattern repeats on the next day, allow yourself to admit – I have depression. It has long been known that incorrect observation leads to wrong conclusions and wrong conclusions lead to disaster.

A large number of people have noticed that with the advent of autumn depression occurs. And this is quite a common phenomenon in today’s world. You could say that fall and depression could very well be synonymous. Of course, one cannot argue that autumn depression is not the end of the world. It should be noted that this is just a kind of depression, a seasonal depression.

Why is Autumn Depression Dangerous?

Depression is not such a harmless thing as it seems at first glance. First, in this period the person has troubles in working and his attention worsens. Secondly, because of the state of discouragement and apathy, decreases the body’s immunity to disease. Thirdly, there may be more serious consequences: depression can develop into chronic depression: irritation becomes aggression and the bad mood will turn into a nervous breakdown.

How to Fight Autumn Depression?

Therefore, let us do something about it! Dress and run in the park, gather a bouquet of leaves – red, yellow, green. Depression does not like decisive actions. There are a couple of generally accepted practices. As it would be cool to put together a case and pull on a week or two to Hawaii, soaking up the sun, splash in the ocean. Of course, not everyone can afford this recipe, so let us search more affordable solutions.

Many are rescued by work. Taking a lot of projects, people immerse themselves headfirst into work. When you see the result, it’s very uplifting. Some people, mostly women are shopping. Buying long-coveted or simply beautiful, colorful things can cheer you. Someone will be rescued by the warm favorite blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a cheerful comedy or sentimental film about love (with a happy ending).

In short, start doing what you were up to before or during the depression. Every person, whether man or woman, knows what can make him/her happy in any day of the week or time of the day.

Work on yourself, grow professionally, do something new, improve your emotional level and the result is a life without depression.