Benefits of Good Exercise to Older Adults

Legs of a young man running

There have been countless misconceptions when it comes to exercise and the age of a person. The popular notion is that old people shouldn’t be doing much physical activity. It will only injure them or cause many other complications in their older and weaker bodies. This is fallaciously untrue. The older you get, the more necessary it is for you to start having an active lifestyle filled with enough exercise activities to keep you fit and healthy. People with ages above 40 should really become conscious of their fitness.

Exercise should not be viewed as an intimidating or debilitating thing. This outlook especially applies to older adults. Their bodies will need constant conditioning to stay healthy. Older people’s bodies do not regenerate and heal cells and tissues as fast as young people who stay healthy and fit even if they don’t exert much effort. Exercise is vital because it is the means by which a person assists his own body to increase secretion of good body hormones and chemicals that keep it healthy. This is why doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists all agree that more senior people need exercise just as much if not even more than young people do.

Physical Health

Two of the biggest health dilemmas in the modern world are obesity and heart ailments brought by increased levels of bad cholesterol and fats in the body. A sedentary lifestyle will most probably lead you to those paths. This issue is more severe for older people. As one grows older, his metabolism slows down, making it hard to maintain a healthy body weight. Constant exercise combats that by burning calories and fats. Sweating is also one of the best ways to release toxins out of the body.

With good exercise, older people will be able to prevent many chronic diseases linked with advanced age like high blood pressures, weak bones, diabetes, osteoporosis and even colon cancer caused by toxins in the body or deficiencies of certain hormones or chemicals from the body. Regular exercise also results to a more mobile body.

People with advanced age frequently get depressed by the physical limitations of their older bodies. These problems can be remedied by exercising daily and as often as you can. People who are still very active in their old age complain less about physical pains and weakened limbs than those who live more sedentary lifestyles. The former say they can still go dancing, play sports or play with their grandchildren.

Mental Health

Persons who exercise regularly also have increased mental effectiveness. Active older people have better memory and are able to focus more than those who are sedentary. The brain is constantly working so it prevents mental illnesses like dementia, Alzheimer’s and many others. An active individual also has high self-esteem and are less prone to depression.

Tips to Exercising

People ages 40 and above will have different exercise needs than those of the younger generations. It is important that before you start sweating it out, you get the go signal from your doctor. It would be great if you get a personal trainer with specializations focused on your particular case so you get the best exercise program.    

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