Psychotherapy: How to choose a specialist?


Depression is a very devious disease; it often occurs where it seems like it shouldn’t be. Outside the sun is shining, it’s summer, what more do you need for a good mood. But it turns out even now many are depressed or are in a depressive state. This disease must be combated, as everything else, […]

10 Best Foods Against Depression

foods against depression

If you feel miserable and want to eat something delicious, don’t go in a pastry shop, better read this article and eat something delicious that really saves from depression. 1. Fish Oily fish (sardines, herring, mackerel, salmon, and cod) is quite rich in omega-3 fatty acids, because of this, fish became a remedy for bad […]

Top 5 Habits That Cause Depression


Doctors call this century the age of melancholy. In fact, depression became one of the most common diseases of mankind. Depression can be caused not only by an event, but by our habits too. You can try to protect yourself from depression. For this purpose it is necessary to try to eradicate the habits that […]

Depression in Women is More Difficult Than You Thought

Depression in Women

The symptoms and the treatment of Depression in Women Depression is a disorder that is manifesting through characteristic symptoms. Depression is not a manifestation of the character’s weakness. This is a serious disease that is accompanied by violations of mental and even physical (sleep, appetite, weight, etc.) human functions. Loss or degradation of qualities is one […]

Seasonal Depression – How To Deal With It

Seasonal depression

Depression is one of the most frequent causes of seeking psychologists and psychotherapists. And quite frequently not the sufferers are seeking them, but their relatives or friends willing to help. “My husband is depressed, what do I do?” “how to help a friend get rid of depression?” “my wife after the birth of the child, […]

Postpartum Depression – Causes, Signs and Symptoms

postpartum depression

Postpartum depression long ago ceased to be a rare phenomenon. More than half of the mothers know how hard it is to cope with their emotions after the child’s birth. But, despite the high rates, to timely detect symptoms of postpartum depression and to take the necessary measures in most cases is hard enough. And […]

Autumn Depression -The Causes and Manifestations

Autumn Depression

A beautiful autumn day, a surprisingly warm weather and the sun is so warm. People poured out into the street to get warm before the long winter – walking, rejoicing. It would seem everything is great, but something is wrong, the good mood has evaporated, unfounded irritability has appeared. If such feelings are familiar to […]

How to Get Out of Depression – For Men and Women

How to get out of depression

You can often hear from your friends complaints on the general condition. At first glance, everything is alright and yet something is wrong. If a person observes for an extended period of time an atypical behavior, be wary. It may be depression. For anyone, such condition is abnormal and you may need the help of […]