Cures For Depression – Treating Depression Without Medication

cures for depressionCures for depression are becoming more popular among people of different social and age groups. More than half a century, scientists have been working to research and develop, competing in trying to invent the best cures for depression.

Nevertheless, almost all currently existing depression medication may be at risk of serious side effects. And the conflicting results of studies of drugs called into question the effectiveness and feasibility of application. Let’s see when to prescribe medication for depression, and when is more appropriate treating depression without medication.

First of all it is important to remember that depression is a serious medical condition, not a temporary episode of melancholy. And medication fails to relieve a person from domestic problems that led to the depression. The exceptions are the cases where depression is a consequence of other diseases that caused changes in brain chemistry. These can be congenital abnormalities, such as lack of serotonin or other substances responsible for the emotional state.

Depression can lead to endocrine system disorders, cancer, hepatitis c, that require medical treatment. In addition, the appointment of drugs is appropriate in severe and prolonged depression. In mild depression, it is most often recommended for treating depression without medication, with herbal medicine.

Medications can relieve or reduce such manifestations of depression like apathy, depressive mood, sleep and appetite disorders. The producers of medications warn that by taking drugs the risk of suicide may increase. It is for this reason that the drug Paxil acquired the scandalous fame.

Doctors also warn about the dangers of self-treatment. Each group of drugs has a certain action, and affects the chemical processes of the brain. Some groups have a stimulating effect, others on the contrary, a sedative one. Depending on the form and degree of the depressive disorder there are prescribed antidepressants, tranquilizers, nootropics and, in severe cases, antipsychotics. But even the best cures for depression can have the opposite effect by inappropriate dosage and treatment scheme.

A qualified specialist will advise you what the best cures for depression are there in the world market, which ones are most appropriate in a given case, and will appoint the selected drug treatment routine. The health care provider must report the occurrence of side effects, since some of them require immediate lifting of medicines.

Treating Depression Without Medication

The view of psychologists and psychiatrists also differ on the efficacy and safety of medications for depression. As a result, around the world there are groups of scientists who insist on treating depression without medication. One of the well-known representatives of this group is Peter Breggin. After a tremendous research on the effects of medication, Breggin founded the Center for the study of emphatic therapy. Proponents of such methods argue that the best cure for depression is a laborious work with each patient individually and individual treatment.

The basis of the treatment is the interaction between the doctor and the patient, which reveals the hidden causes of depression and the tactics to overcome the disease. Because the depressed person may not be fully aware of what is happening, the doctor must have emphatic abilities, that is, to feel what is going on with the patient and what kind of assistance he requires. The method of treating depression without medication is more complicated, but also more effective. Studies show that the risk of relapse with this treatment is much lower than with medication, the patient also doesn’t suffer from the drugs’ side effects.

The lack of medical treatment in no way implies a lack of treatment as such. Moreover, those suffering from depression just need professional treatment, because mental illnesses can lead to a number of physical illnesses. And, of course, you cannot neglect preventive measures. The soul, like the body, requires attention and care, and if something hurts then you need to take action rather than simply try to numb the pain.