Depression at Work May Destroy Your Career

depression at workIs depression at work a normal state?

Depression dictates its own conditions to which we have to obey. However, it’s incredibly hard to resist when day by day, we are being exposed to various pressures, depression, which worsen the mood and transform our lives in a way that can cause not only a nervous breakdown, but also a serious depression.

What are the dangerous consequences of depression almost everyone knows?

Adulthood is unimaginable without a job. But how to live happily, if an ordinary average person spends much of his life at work, which brings continuous frustration and trouble, exposing to depression. Lately, the known constant depression at work increasingly becomes panacea, causing the desire to figure out what exactly is the cause of its occurrence.

Unstable economy and lack of time

Experts say that constant depression often occurs because of the economic component. They say every year economy is becoming more volatile and to stay afloat, businesses had to be raised to their project requirements. From the employees it is required more work for the same pay. So, there is a shortage of time, the man is being delayed at work or takes his work at home, thereby taking time the personal life. All this sooner or later causes a feeling of depression, which leads to the extinction of desire and motivation to do anything, causing all the related consequences of depression.

Lack of motivation

It often happens that, even being aware of the need to do the work and those pros that it can bring, we cannot force ourselves to act, we often distract ourselves from the process. The lack of motivation is impeding us to do the job, it becomes the cause of fatigue and weakness. Most often, the problem is not in the employee. It is in the interest of the boss to encourage his employees by praising them, this encourages and motivates to do more productive work in order to increase efficiency. In some cases, for the employee, the award for a job well done is not so important, as boss’ warm and encouraging words or the possibility of promotion. After all, many of us aspire to better and more prestigious posts and the lack of progress kills all motivation to work resulting in a permanent depression.

But what if you can’t get rid of fatigue and depression? If you are not inspired by any approval of superiors, no prize, or even promotion, maybe you don’t work where you dreamed to?

Hated work

At times, because of the parents or circumstances, we acquire a job not corresponding to our internal values and world view. We get a profession, but realize that this is not quite what we wanted to do in life. Eventually working out of need, people cannot realize themselves in this field, as they do not get enough pleasure from work. Each day such activity marks the usual torment and abuse, hence the problem of depression.

By not wanting to do their job, people increasingly get distracted, and at the end of the working day they are exhausted as if they had been continuously working for the whole day. Every morning this kind of person has an unbearable task: get out of bed to go to the hated work and when arriving at the working place, the first thought that comes to mind is to get quicker home. Work only brings exasperation and fatigue, life becomes a monotonous exhausting routine, and in some sense exhaustion settles.

Conflicts with colleagues

You have found the job so long dreamed of. You like to work, and you excitedly perform all the orders of the superiors. However, despite this, you don’t get up in the morning with a good mood and thoughts of work kill in you every mood. Maybe the problem is in the people with whom you share your workplace? Frequent conflicts with employees, disputes, disagreements can sometimes lead to depression.

There are no such problems for which there is no solution. Sometimes this kind of trouble force good specialists to leave their working place and go to search a new one that proves to be disastrous for the entire enterprise. But changing the job is the last thing you should do if depression and fatigue overtook you. The most advisable in this case would be an attempt to eliminate the permanent conflicts by seeking their causes. You always have the opportunity to truly talk with the person you don’t get along with at work, figuring out the frustration, reach consensus or to contact the boss.

Whatever the reason for the occurrence of depression at work is, the best solution is always vacation. By taking a small break, you have the opportunity to relax, and then, on a fresh mind make the correct and the only thing right in your opinion and therefore find the solution to the problem.