Depression vs. Stress: Are You Depressed or Just Stressed-Out?

With the soaring percentage of mental ailments it has indeed become very difficult to differentiate between ‘Depression’ and ‘Stress’. We come across many people who are so stressed out that they are enveloped in a dark shroud of depression at all times. On the other hand, there are people who are so depressed with certain problems that they are always stressed out. It is quite incomprehensible to draw a line between the two of them.

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The ongoing battle

The battle of depression vs. stress is quite common in today’s world. It becomes even fiercer owing to the rise in tension in an individual’s personal and professional life. Today, we demand more from life and live less of it. We get deeply affected by small disappointments and it affects our frame of mind. The best way to tackle the rift of depression vs. stress is to have a logical and reasonable approach towards it. The best way to define depression and stress is to look at it from a scientific viewpoint.

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Depression is an ailment of medical condition which creates unfavorable changes in the human mind and affects its functioning abilities. It can be genetic, hereditary or just an outcome of a traumatic experience. It requires extensive treatment and medical aids to cure someone of depression. Psychological treatments, rehabilitation and intense drugs are some of the means to cure depression. It is very difficult to stabilize the mind of a person who is constantly depressed. The utmost care and attention should be devoted to a patient in such circumstances otherwise there is a possibility that the patient might lose his/her sanity entirely.

On the other hand, stress is an outcome of one’s own view of life. It is very easy to get stressed out if you have a negative approach towards life. Your perspective of your own identity and worthiness of your existence plays a vital part in the effective functioning of your brain. A person with a nervous or fierce temperament is more likely to be stressed out than a person with a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life. Stress is not an obligatory disease; it is a voluntary condition which a person creates in his/her own life. It does not need medical attention; it can be overcome by an individual on his/her own. All you need to do is try and inculcate positive attributes in your life and maintain a simple and pleasant perspective of the things which surround you.

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