How To Fight Depression When You Are Jobless and Alone?

fight depression

Being jobless can have very deep emotional impact on a person. The feeling of being jobless induces stress in most cases.

The most common emotion one may experience are:

  1. A feeling of failure.
  2. Embarrassing feeling of not been able to earn any kind of income.
  3. A feeling that you may not be able to pay for your financial requirements.
  4. Depression, which can have the most devastating impact among all.

Majority of these responses are normal.

As a result of us being jobless, the feeling of failure is very natural. We start to think what went wrong. If this was due to poor performance, then this might provide you with a great learning experience for your future.

Many times, we are jobless because of the reasons that are out of our control. And this is the major cause of stress and anxiety.

It can be really embarrassing if you are rejected due to unacceptable actions that are created by you. We often are defined by our own actions rather than who we actually are.

Our identity is totally stripped away from us and we are completely embarrassed by the feeling that we are not able to earn a respectable income and a feeling of us being totally worthless rises up.

Here are a few tips that will help you fight depression:

  1. Try acknowledging the emotions that are felt by you. Many times, hiding them may create more painful emotions. Give yourself some time to recover.
  2. Always be positive in your attitude.
  3. Try contacting your friends for support.
  4. Make a new plan that will help you to find better job opportunities.
  5. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression like increase in anger, change in eating or sleeping pattern that exceeds seven days, visit a medical expert.
  6. As you are currently jobless, your daily routine must to actively search for a new job.

Networking can be beneficial emotionally and be the most effective job search method. When you are networking, the first thing is that you are actively searching new job opportunities and the second thing is that you are eliminating the reason of being in constant stress which is the major cause of depression. You will have the opportunities to meet up with the people that are expert in the industries and play a huge role in providing you your new job.


The feeling of not having a job can deeply impact us both in a physical and emotional way. It is totally on you to fully recognize such feelings. It is your choice whether to get stuck with the moment or move ahead.

Get the feel of the pain and then try to make strategy to cope with it.