Top 5 Habits That Cause Depression

what cause depression

Doctors call this century the age of melancholy. In fact, depression became one of the most common diseases of mankind. Depression can be caused not only by an event, but by our habits too. You can try to protect yourself from depression. For this purpose it is necessary to try to eradicate the habits that lead to such a sad state.

Waiting for pity from others and feel sorry for yourself

The feeling self-pity is devious: it can make people addicted, unable to solve the problem. The effects of stress due to self-pity are more smoothed out, but the situation only gets worse. If every problem is seen through the prism of self-pity, then, most likely, depression will come sooner or later.

The best way out of the situation is to mobilize your forces, to remember the victories you’ve already won. Start solving the problem, and do not feel sorry for yourself.

The habit of doing unpleasant things

Everyone, in one way or another, must perform duties that not always bring pleasure. But you can get out of any situation. You need to create an environment in which you do not want to engage in unpleasant things. For example, you don’t like to wash dishes – buy a dishwasher.

When the item cannot be performed, it is important not to postpone the unpleasant things. The expectation that you need to do something unpleasant, can make you miserable, so better do it and forget about it. You should boost yourself for every action that was done through force.

The habit of living in the past

There is no need to carry the heavy burden of the past, which over time will make you a loser. When you constantly remember past grudges, then you necessarily await them unconsciously in the present, though not necessarily that happens again. Learn to let go of past wrongs, forgive and live in the present.

The habit to compare yourself with others

The only valid comparison, which is worth doing, is to compare yourself with you in the past and in the present. Do not compare yourself with other persons. The desire to keep up with someone else’s life will not allow you to enjoy your own victories. In addition, if you constantly follow the life of other people, it will form an inferiority complex; it will make you envious and limited.

The habit to consider yourself worse than others

This habit is usually formed in childhood under the influence of a rigid education. If the adult manages to convince the child that he has no purpose, that he is bad, then as an adult, the person will deal with frustration. This prevents a person to grow and think positively. The likelihood of depression in this case is quite high.