How do You Treat Depression?

How to Cope With Depression?

It is no secret that depression negatively influences all the domains of the human life. That’s why it’s important to attempt to bring the emotional state to normal.

Psychology as a profession becomes more popular and with this people become more and more helpless when confronting their own feelings and emotions. Psychotherapy gives the possibility to clarify the relationship with the surrounding world, reveal your potential, find the right way to develop your personality, learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Unfortunately not everyone has the possibility to receive the help of a good specialist. Then how to cope with depression on your own? As depression is not a caprice, but a disease and if it’s in a severe form it can lead to tragic consequences.  If the psychic disorders aren’t caused by psychological problems, but by dysfunctions in the organism, then they can’t be treated without professional help.  Nonetheless, the following pieces of advice given by psychologists will help to facilitate the emotional state and to acquire force to fight with the affliction.

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What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything?

Apathy is the first obstacle in fighting with depression. The violations of sleep and appetite, that in most of the cases accompany the disease, lead to the exhaustion of the organism. To this adds the constant flow of negative thoughts that cause the feeling of devastation. In result, the person wakes up upset, spends the day in frustration and in the evening is happy that the day is over. In this case, it should not be started with the analysis of the problem, but with elementary actions: long walks outdoors and healthy nutrition. At the same time, health should be brought to a normal state and the immunity system must be strengthened. If the health condition is not improved, it is hardly probable that you’ll find the ways to cope with depression and apply them.

Practical pieces of advice for coping with depression:

  • Focusing on the present moment. In order to do this, yoga exercises and the practice of meditation can be useful. This skill permits to understand the veracity of the worries regarding the past and the future;
  • Helping other people. By helping someone, a person feels useful, self-esteem grows and the feeling of aimlessness of the existence disappears;
  • Art therapy. Art, in no matter what form, helps in self-realization, brings peace of mind, relaxation and enhances self-esteem;
  • Aroma therapy. Every type of aromatic oil has certain effects, some of them calm down and relax, others help to concentrate and increase the level of activity. The oil can be used through aroma lamps, aroma pendant or even by adding it in a cosmetic cream;
  • Outdoor recreation is considered to be one of the best ways to cope with depression. May be that’s why depression is more rare in people living close to nature.

How to cope with postnatal depression on your own?

In specific depression, it is important to consider certain factors that caused the disease besides the general recommendations. After the birth of the baby, many women suffer emotional violations and because of not knowing how to cope with postnatal depression, they bring themselves to serious psychic disorders that can’t be treated without the intervention of the psychiatrist. The surrounding people, especially the husbands, must also know how to cope with this kind of depression, as the support of the close ones is very important for the new mom.

  • First of all, in the treatment of this depression the hormonal levels must be brought to normal. Hormones have a big influence on emotions and as long as the organism is not recovered, the psychic condition will be unstable.
  • The young mom needs proper rest and sleep. The appearance of the baby changes the usual life and the pressure increases and this doesn’t improve the psychic state.
  • It is recommended that the woman spent more time with the baby, by redistributing the other duties to the family.
  • If the depression does not pass the meeting with a doctor should not be postponed, due to the fact that it’s much harder to cope with an aggravated postpartum depression and this condition may be dangerous to the mother and the child.

How to cope with autumn depression?

With winter approaching many feel melancholy, anxiety, exhaustion that are not signs of depression, however they can lead to depression under the influence of certain factors. In order to get rid of melancholy and prevent the development of depression, psychologists recommend the following:

  • Surround yourself with bright and colorful things;
  • Sunbaths are another remedy, as the quick reduction of the daylight is the most common cause of the melancholy and discouragement episodes;
  • Imagine you’re an artist and during your walks search for beautiful things you would like to paint; autumn is as wonderful as any season, just learn to see this;
  • In the eastern traditions autumn is considered the best season for new beginnings. Since new experiences can help coping with autumn depression, it is high time to acquire a new skill;

Coping with depression on your own can be very difficult, that’s why it is so important to pay attention to your close ones, to be there in hard times and not less important to ask for help when support and attention are needed.