New Study Claims: Wine Helps With Depression

wine helps with depression

If you thought that a glass of wine was only good for your heart, then think again. Researchers in Spain have found out that wine can help one to avoid depression. Even though drinking too much alcohol is the biggest red flag for depression, a moderate amount of wine is beneficial for one’s health.

A single drink for the day should help stop depression form getting the better of you. Most health experts are not in favor of this study and beg to differ on the findings. The Spanish researchers successfully showed the connection between being emotionally happy and drinking wine in moderation. It, however, didn’t show the cause and the concerned effect.

Depression like cardiac diseases seems to have the very same mechanism for they have been linked to quite similar risk factors. Prevention of depression is however not a very good reason to take to drinking.

If you don’t drink, one doesn’t need to jump onto the bandwagon. For those who do consume alcohol occasionally, one drink or less is great. Just make sure that the drink in your hand is wine rather than any other alcoholic drink.

It is true that this study has proved that drinking in moderation does have its benefits.

But there is belief that different factors are the reason why wine works well for depression prevention.  Those who are single, living all by themselves, divorced and sedentary are all contenders who have a high chance of being depressed. It is quite possible that the connection between drinking in moderation and depression has just happened by chance.

A good social life has been regarded as being the most important factor which determines mainly whether or not you suffer from. Drinking more than two glasses a day is a connection to social isolation but one drink per day shows that you are enjoying a healthy social life.

The Spanish researchers studied 5,500 participants who were moderate and light drinkers. The study followed these drinkers for 7 years. All the those participating in the study were between the age group of 55 to 80 years old.

Not a single person in the study was a victim of depression or was suffering from alcohol addiction when the study initially began. For 7 years, these people gave interviews, medical exams and were kept under the watchful eye of the researchers. The research has concluded that drinking wine in great moderation and having a good social life will keep depression at bay.