Does Playing Amateur Sports Relieve Stress?

relieve stress

We live in a stressful world, and we all need a healthy way to unwind.  Playing in an amateur sports league can do just.  It provides social interaction, a distraction from daily life, increases endorphins, will help you sleep better, boosts self-esteem, and results in a healthier life.

Social Interaction

For all the social media we engage in, we live in a fairly isolated world.  For some people, work is the most social interaction they get.  Playing a team sport will provide social interaction beyond the internet that we all need to be healthy human beings.  Warming up together, practicing together, and being out together after the game helps people unwind.  This socialization also releases oxytocin, which creates a feeling of well-being and counter acts the tension.

Distraction from Daily Life

When you are engaged in a sport, you need to concentrate.  You will not be able to successfully shoot hoops or drive a ball across the golf course if your mind in the office or the other stresses of daily life.  Playing a sport provides a distraction from the stresses in life.  Having time off from thinking about the things that worry us can leave us more relaxed.


Endorphins are great for stress relief.  After a day of feeling stressed and worried, what your body needs is a stretch of feeling good.  As your body engages in aerobic activity, it will release endorphins.   This hormone creates a feeling of well-being originally called a runners high.  This feeling will continue for a period of time even after the activity is over.  It will be a great relief from the stresses in life.

Better Sleep

Sleep can be a major problem during times of stress.  If someone is stressed, they do not sleep well, leaving them less capable of dealing with stress in a healthy way.   As a result the stress often becomes compounded, resulting in eventual burnout.  Regular exercise promotes better sleep.  It wears the body out, so that it feels tired enough to fall asleep even if the mind is preoccupied.  Getting this rest will significantly reduce stress.

Improved Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a trigger for feeling stressed.  The time one spends worrying that they are not good enough or that they don’t belong takes its toll as one descends in to depression.  The stress and depression can usually be alleviated through sports.  When a person finds a sport they are drawn to, they will practice regularly.  This regular practice will lead to improvement, and they will overcome the obstacles that they faced when they first tried it.  This feeling of success will boost self-esteem and help alleviate stress.

Better Health

Less health worries can result from engaging in sports.  With regular exercise the body’s health will improve.  If you have back pain, headaches, or lots of colds, exercise can help.  Sometimes inactivity is causing these maladies.  But it can be hard to be motivated to get up and go out when you are not feeling well.    Having buddies relying on you to show up for a practice or game can get you going though.  It will motivate you to exercise more regularly and be healthier, which ends up meaning less stress.

Stress is hard to escape.  It is something you carry around inside you.  But playing an amateur sport regularly will help reduce the amount of stress you feel.

Sarah normally writes about sports and game reviews on her blog.