Back From Vacation. How Not To Fall Into Depression?

How to deal with post-vacation depression?

post vacation depression
According to psychological studies, the return from vacation is a major stress for the organism.

Many people that need to go back to work after holidays can feel fatigue, lack of energy, depression, anger and insomnia.

After a month of “fooling around” the body forget the need to get up early, to think quickly and deal with any work. So that is why, right after the holidays you cannot concentrate. Experts estimate that at this time the IQ declines by 20 points, and it takes about a week to come back to normal.

Meanwhile, this degradation does not affect those who relax less than two weeks. During this time, the organism does not have enough time to break the habit of work, therefore “office adaptation” passes unnoticed.

Actually it’s not so hard to cheer yourself up and help the body to adapt to work.

In order to get to the normal state, use the following tips:

1. Plan your vacation so that between going home and going to work remained at least a couple of days.

2. Spend the first post-holiday weekend as interesting as possible. This will make the transition from the bright holiday experiences to the gray office weekdays – smoother.

3. Take care of your health and support your immune system. It would be great if, after returning from the resort, you will begin to take vitamins (especially vitamin C).

4. Set aside the beginning of new projects at least for a week. Moreover after the holiday, just a few can boast high capacity for work, chances are that you will not handle the new business.

5. Go to bed early (one hour of sleep before 12 midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after 12), sleep more – at least 7 hours.

6. Do not sit on a diet after the holidays, trying to deal with the aftermath of love for the buffet. Restrictions in eating by themselves cause a bad mood, and if we add to this the post-holiday anguish, you risk making the most real depression.

7. Do not forget to pamper yourself after vacation: bath, massage and beauty salon. Pleasant feelings will help to join the jet.

8.  If you come back to work with anguish and disgust, you should think about the correctness of the choice of employment. If you go to work with pleasure, then everything will be solved by itself.

According to my observations, married people deal with post-holiday depression easier than single people. However this is true for those who have a good relationship. There is no better medicine than sweet words and genuine concern.