Psychotherapy: How to choose a specialist?

psychotherapyDepression is a very devious disease; it often occurs where it seems like it shouldn’t be. Outside the sun is shining, it’s summer, what more do you need for a good mood. But it turns out even now many are depressed or are in a depressive state. This disease must be combated, as everything else, and mostly by professionals. So as it is unlikely that it will pass away by itself, but will only progress, and last for years.

What are the specialists, who to select, and where exactly they are, you may ask. The specialists are, like everyone else in public either private clinics, but what they are read below.

So, there are a few professions associated with the treatment of depression:

The psychiatrist is a specialist who, of course, attended the medical school. He specializes in the treatment of all the mental illnesses that are listed in the international classification. The primary method of treatment which is used by a psychiatrist is medication. And since we know that depression has not so much a biological nature as spiritual, it is unlikely that this doctor can really heal this ailment without subsequent relapses.

A psychologist is a specialist who graduated from the faculty of a university. A psychologist is not a doctor, so for the treatment he can only use therapeutic techniques. Only a good and knowledgeable specialist of human psychology can really listen to certain problems of the patient, determine the causes, and try to neutralize them through psychotherapy.

The psychoanalyst is a specialist who uses methods in the practice of psychoanalysis. For a long time between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy there was an equal sign, but these two professions a little differ one from another. However, at the moment, the situation has changed. Now such a specialist is rather rare, although it is difficult to tell how you can help the patient without using a method of analysis of the situation and him.

Therefore, the most commonly used methods are: first, the psychodynamic psychotherapy (this includes psychoanalysis). This type of psychotherapy helps to identify the cause of the depression, and thus hastens the recovery time, because the neutralization of the causes is the most important aspect in the treatment of depression.

Secondly, it’s used the cognitive (behavioral) therapy, in which the main emphasis is on exploring the changing behavior of the patient and changes in his thoughts. However, most of the sufferers from depression can’t get to go to the doctor, and therefore they have the so-called maintenance therapy, when you do not change and do not watch for changes in behavior, but only maintain the body at the same level.

Therefore, when choosing a doctor, you need to keep in mind your preferences. Another important factor is the credibility of the specialist, since you’ll have to tell him about all the little things that you do, all kinds of changes in your mind and so on and without confidence, there can be no good results. Therefore, already at the first consultation, decide whether you will be able to work with this man or not. The choice is always yours. The main thing is not to sit still when you are in a depressive state and find a really good specialist who can help you.