Why Self-Help Books Inspire A Lot But Don’t Actually Work?

self help books

In 2012 the turnover of “self-improvement industry” was estimated at 12 billion dollars in U.S. alone (The Paperback Quest for Joy, by Laura Vanderkam).

Not bed, right? It’s like every adult American would buy a self-help copy every 3 months. It’s like everyone, but everyone, would know “how to win friends, influence people” and live happily ever after.

Now, when was the last time you bought and read one of these “secret files”? And most importantly is: why?

Don’t you think you should be by now one of those “highly effective people”? Don’t you think you should be by now rich and keep “growing rich”?

Well, let me explain here the reason you are not a perfect guy yet and what is the real secret behind these popular books.

When I was in college, Dale Carnegie was so popular among my classmates that I felt compelled to read one of his books. So I did.

Then I was wondering “did this man really help anyone”?

The next question came right away, “then why it didn’t work for me”?

Can’t believe I am such a hopeless loser.

I remember how inspired and motivated I was getting with every single word I read?  I couldn’t wait for the final chapter to end and get my lazy ass out of bed to start acting.

But then, a few days later, my enthusiasm has suddenly dropped down. Nothing happened and I was still bored and feeling like an idiot.

So what now? What exactly should I do next? Why the “magic” doesn’t work?

I guess that is why the “dummies books” are so popular- they provide step by step instructions.

So what is actually the next thing I’ve done, after being disappointed in Carnegie’s try?

I am telling you, it was a radical twist.

A few weeks later, I came back to the book store, as I felt the need to read another inspirational story. I though this time I’ll get clearer instructions and much more adrenaline.

And there it was. I found it. A big gold headline wrote on a black hard cover. It was named “How to make a million dollars in 6 months or less”.

I opened the book, and you know what I’ve found? On all 350 pages was one repeating word: “work, work, work, work…”

That was one of those moments when you feel like you would know something that nobody knows. It was as fun as deep said.

I felt freedom.

I am not saying that authors like Dale Carnegie or Samuel Smiles not worth reading. In fact they are some of the best. But their stories will never help anyone who is so lazy that cannot deal with a book.

The words are just simple words, no magic inside. The only magic lies in your ass and if you pick it up from the bed, you’ll notice that opportunities are seen much near when standing up.

What I am saying is that books can’t change your life, but your persistent desire, hard work and actions can.

I want to quote here Benjamin Franklin’s words, who new something about self-improvement:

“All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

This means you have to “THINK and grow rich” not “read and grow rich”.

You have to act. You have to move. You have to try. You have to practice.

Let me tell you a secret

Just type in Google the words “practice synonyms”, that is really all you have to do to improve your life.
Practice   To be continued  soon…