How to Stop Cutting Yourself and Get Over Depression

Stop Cutting YourselfYou should realize that self-harm and cutting might end your life. Over the past few years, there is tremendous growth in the problem of self-harm cutting especially in the United States and Europe and if you continue this route it might as well cost you your life.

This is because cutting is closely related to suicide which is the fact that was not told to cutters as being true.

The research that involved thousands of individuals concluded that alone in Ireland one third of people among the cutters wanted to kill themselves.

This problem is not limited to teens, but rising amongst adults as well. While most of the attention is aimed towards teens, one must realize that that the list involves large amount of adults as well.

The problem will continue to increase as very few people know that even adult cutting takes place. The research in Europe shows that even adults try to harm themselves.

Although many Cutters try to hide their habit of suicidal tendency, but there is always a higher risk involved as you never know what is in their mind.

Suicidal thoughts often rise in your brain when you have the feeling of being depressed and the truth is “Cutters are in a Depressed State”. But you can surely stop cutting if you know the right method to stop it.

Medication is considered to be the primary source of treatment when someone tries to cut himself or herself but don’t consider medication as the only step that will help you overcome this tendency as solely medication will not benefit you. Medication can be beneficial if you feel depressed and should be considered as it can save your life. But the fact is medication cannot heal you completely.

Cutting is the response that is given by your mind to overcome the feeling of stress as well as dissatisfaction but if you solely depend on medications, you might not be able to heal yourself completely.

Here are some of the better ways you can try that will help you stop cutting:

Similar to all other urges, this urge too will pass out. Try to distract yourself to other things that will help that time pass out.

People feel the urge to cut because they feel angry or agitated.

At such times you may try playing with your pets, take a warm shower, listen to the music that helps you shift your mood, try deep breathing exercise, try some yoga exercises that helps you feel relaxed.

Some individuals cut themselves because they are not able to handle the emotions that are too powerful for themselves to handle. At such times, try to draw some crazy drawings, try drawing the emotions that you feel at that moment. Listening to music on how you feel might also help.

Go for a long walk, ride your favorite bike, dance like you never danced before, scribble like crazy on a white using red pain.