How to Survive Infidelity and Never Feel Betrayed Again


A spouse’s infidelity is the biggest wreck in any marriage and the most painful and devastating experience for any person alive. It is a wound that shakes you for the rest of your life and stops you from believing in yourself. Some fight a partner’s infidelity strongly whereas others get depressed and hopeless. However, never let something like infidelities bog you down ever. There are ways to survive it and never feel betrayed again. These are mentioned below:

Practice gratitude

The biggest problem that every human being creates for him is crib about what he doesn’t have instead of appreciating what he has. Once you start appreciating things about your spouse, you set the ground for positivity in your life. This changes your perspective towards your partner and changes you from within and you will no more be filled with grief and despair.

Head towards answers

Overthinking about your problem will only aggravate your grief. However, if you focus on the solution, you will be able to move towards answers and a clear purpose.

Do things together

Doing things of common interest can bind you as a couple and help you recover from infidelity sooner than anything else. Discover things that you both can do and enjoy at the same time without spoiling your wavelength.

Develop a deeper level of emotional intimacy

Becoming emotionally intimate with your partner helps fight infidelity. Try to draw your partner closer to you by spending more time together because infidelity is about unmet needs. Find those needs and work upon them.

Form a past and future vision

Always go back to the time when you were in love and wanted to be together and imagine the future together like enjoying your travelling, retirement, playing with grandchildren. When you imagine all keeping in mind the love that you shared, things are bound to fall in place.

Don’t get into details that you don’t need to know

Concentrate on your life and your relationship with your partner. No matter how badly you want to know the reasons for infidelity, the right thing to do is LET GO.

Postpone final decisions

Impulsive decisions are never wise decisions. Try to postpone your decisions, till the time you have not clearly thought about future course of action.

Thus, it’s very important to have a grip over yourself when faced with infidelity. The list mentioned above will help you do the same and never let you feel betrayed again.