Why the Mentally Ill are Not Dangerous

mentally ill dangerous

Although America’s history is ripe with shooting sprees, in the past decade we have seen what seem like random shooting sprees across the nation, in schools, malls and movie theaters. The media is quick to report such violence, as it makes waves. Regardless of how deadly or scary these killings are, Americans want to hear […]

Suicide Prevention: Signs of Suicide

suicidal thoughts

Every year nearly one million people worldwide will elect a permanent solution to what is usually a temporary problem: depression. Depression hurts. The symptoms of depression include depressed mood nearly every day, diminished interest in pleasurable activities or loss of feeling pleasure, weight loss or gain, hypersomnia or insomnia, feelings of restlessness, inappropriate guilt, fatigue, […]

Mental Illnesses That Occur With Depression

anxiety disorder

Major depressive disorder is a mental disorder characterized by the following: persistent depressed or low mood diminished interest or pleasure in activities significant increase or decrease in appetite or weight insomnia or sleeping too much fatigue or loss of energy feelings of worthlessness or guilt problems with thinking and concentration recurrent thoughts of death or […]