Top 10 Most Depressive Professions

depressive professionsYou think that you have the hardest job in the world and that other people love their jobs? Relax, it’s not true. The proof of this is the rating of the most depressive professions in which you will hardly find yours, which means that you’re luckier than many others. And well, if you can find there yours there’s nothing you can do about it. Either change the profession or cope with the stress. We have a lot of articles on treating depression and getting rid of depression.

1. People involved in taking care of the elderly

It is proved that people who work with the elderly, suffer from depression 11 times more frequently than almost all other professions. The sicker are the old people and the less able are they to help them, the stronger is the depression.

2. Waiters and waitresses

According to psychologists they have depression because of the sense of shame that they experience due to the very image of their life while being adult, intelligent, self-sufficient people that are forced to constantly be humble, because otherwise they will not be able to receive big tips from their clients.

3. Social workers

They have depression because they are constantly confronted with human cruelty and no person with a healthy psyche can pass through this without emotional empathy.

4. Doctors, nurses, health care workers.

It is estimated that the strength limit of even the most persistent of these is 20-25 years. After that there are chronic problems with the psychic that lead to depression or for full depreciation of his or others’ lives.

5. Artists, writers, freelancers, people of creative professions

It is believed that they simply cannot live without depression, because it introduces them to real heights of creativity. But the cause of depression in this case is the constant creative dissatisfaction and discontent with the quality or conditions of the work, without which it is difficult to imagine any, even the most successful creative person.

6. Teachers

20 years ago, the representatives of this profession did not appear in this list. But today, when most students don’t treat their teachers with respect, nurturing them can cause very severe depression. The situation is not changed by the fact that today many students dress up way better than their teachers because their parents earn 10, if not 100-times more money.

7. Administrative staff

Their predisposition for depression is explained by the excessive zeal for work, without which there can survive no employee of the modern office. But for all his failures the clerk can only blame himself, but the administrator is forced to suffer from the clerk’s low-quality work.

8. Workers of the repair services

Firstly, this is because of the traditional negative attitude of their customers forward them. Secondly, they don’t like that almost always from the beginning they’re accused of incompetence or of trying to cheat. Thirdly, the fact that they have to be in constant search for orders, so there is no stability.

9. Sellers

Their depression is caused by the rudeness of those they serve, as well as because of insecurity. But note that this is relevant only for the sellers who trade their own goods, and thus completely depend on how successful it will be today’s trading day.

10. Retail sales managers

No matter what they are doing selling apartments, tractors or household appliances. According to statistics 1 of 50 transactions they are trying to make ends with success, though, many managers believe that this number is too optimistic. That means that any of them should speak with almost 100 people before at least one of them would agree to purchase the product.