Top 40 Mental Health Accounts to Follow on Twitter

The list below introduces by no means all the best Twitter accounts that write about mental health problems, offering advice and support for people  who face them, meanwhile being a good resource for professionals working in the field. However I’ve tried to create a good point to start from, selecting the most interesting and useful resources I personally follow today. If you feel like I’ve missed anyone important, please be so kind to mention it in the comments area below this post.

mental health twitter accounts

  1. MindCharity – Followers: 68102; “We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.”
  2. YoungMindsUK – Followers: 23551; “The UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.”
  3. NAMI MassachusettsFollowers: 8920; “The mission of NAMI Massachusetts is to improve the quality of life both for people with mental illnesses and for their families.”
  4. NIMHgov – Followers: 406455; “National Institute of Mental Health:Leading agency dedicated to mental health research.”
  5. APAHealthyMindsFollowers: 14086; “American Psychiatric Association’s resource for anyone seeking mental health information.”
  6. TogetherMentalHealth – Followers: 13542; “Together is a leading UK charity working alongside people to improve mental health & wellbeing.”
  7. PsychCentral – Followers: 56199; “Psychology and mental health information and support, since 1995.”
  8. HealthyPlace – Followers: 41994; “Trusted information on psychological disorders and treatments, plus mental health support. Home to Stand Up for Mental Health campaign.”
  9. Natasha Tracy – Followers: 29474; “Award-winning mental health writer w/ a broken brain & a mind trying to deal with it. My writing is often devastating & controversial. “
  10. Greythinking – Followers: 191782; “Commentary on mental health, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, psychopharmacology, etc.”
  11. MentalHealthSoc – Followers: 17922; “A community of people dealing with mental health, family, parenting or relationship issues, just like you or someone you care about.”
  12. Unsuicide – Followers: 13256; “Useful mental health resources from a suicide attempt survivor and MHCC  Advisory Council member.”
  13. Julie HanksFollowers: 10247; “Mental health/family expert, influencer, private practice consultant, Psychotherapist, TV personality.”
  14. MedscapePsych – Followers: 10067; “Medscape Psychiatry & Mental Health provides you with breaking medical news; reference on drugs, diseases, and procedures; and free CME.”
  15. MentalHelpNet – Followers: 11537; “Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, ADHD, Stress, Addictions, Psychosis, Borderline, Schizophrenia, etc. – Comprehensive mental health information and community.”
  16. MentalElf – Followers: 10776; “Help you keep up to date with interesting and reliable mental health research and guidance. No misinformation, no bias, no spin – just what you need!”
  17. RethinkMentalIllnessFollowers: 47370; “Leading the way to a better life for everyone affected by mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. RT doesn’t always mean agreement.”
  18. Evolutionarypsy – Followers: 7711; “I’m a psychiatrist searching for evolutionary solutions to our 21st century mental health problems.”
  19. Drkkolmes – Followers: 88614; “Licensed psychologist. I write, research, and teach social media ethics for mental health professionals.”
  20. PsychLounge – Followers: 3058; “Sharing the best in Psych, Therapy & Mental Health. Lifetime student of the mind, self-help and surviving just about anything. “
  21. Mentalhealthdoc – Followers: 597; “Mental health doctor who writes to internet. Ask your questions online.”
  22. Claire OT – Followers: 4949; “I’m an occupational therapist. I talk about health, mental health recovery, disability, social justice. Asset-based approaches in Health and Care”
  23. BipolarBlogger – Followers: 3452; “Mental health blogger, activist and trainer. Shortlised for digital media award at Mind Media Awards 2013. Expert by Experience for Mind. Tweets are personal.”
  24. Freshbrainco – Followers: 58534; “Providing a direct challenge to the mental health industry, both orthodox and alternative. I am a therapist, author and speaker on mental health treatment.”
  25. MindzMatter – Followers: 48902; “Social network support group for mental health plus vids and tips from people who have sufferd with a mental illness.”
  26. MentalHealthy – Followers: 41246; “Mental health news, views & community, is dedicated to your mental health and wellbeing.”
  27. BellLetsTalk – Followers: 20859; “We’ve started a conversation about mental health. Now we’re taking it further than ever with Clara’s Big Ride!”
  28. CAMH FoundationFollowers: 13302; “Official account of the CAMH Foundation – we raise funds & awareness for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.”
  29. CharitySANE – Followers: 17964; “SANE improves quality of life for anyone affected by mental health problems, including family, friends and carers.”
  30. HeadspaceAus – Followers: 17456; “Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation”
  31. Bodyofhope – Followers: 230588; “Our mission is to conquer Obesity and Mental Health with proper nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation.”
  32. MoodDisordersCa – Followers: 8764; “We help people suffering from mental health and mental illness and in particular with regard to depression, bipolar illness and other associated mood disorders.”
  33. Mindyourmindca – Followers: 6012; “The official profile of mindyourmind, a national mental health program for young people.”
  34. PartnersforMH – Followers: 4324; “Join the movement to transform mental health in Canada, on a personal, community and societal level.”
  35. DepressionForumFollowers: 7281; “Depression & Mental Health Social Community Support, Mood Disorders,medication, therapy,recovery. Eliminating stigma through education, advocacy since 2001.”
  36. PsychFoundationFollowers: 10359; “American Psychiatric Foundation advances mental health w/ research & edu. “
  37. ActiveMinds – Followers: 17133; “Changing the conversation about mental health on college campuses.”
  38. MarkOneinFour – Followers: 8474; “Mark Brown edits One in Four, England’s only national mental health and wellbeing magazine written by people who experience mental health difficulties.”
  39. HealingFromBPDFollowers: 3644; “Mental Health Blogger & Author in Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder.”
  40. Joseph Burgo PhD – Followers: 11777; “Clinical psychologist with 30 years’ experience in the mental health field. I blog about continuing to grow after psychotherapy ends. “