60 Ways To Improve Your Life Over The Next 100 Days!

In order to change your life (in any direction), you need simply to start acting. But this “simply” is not always so simple. Sometimes we know what we have to do, but these actions seem scary. And sometimes we have no clear plan, nor understanding how to make up this plan. Perhaps these 60 small steps will help you finally start doing something.

Improve Your Life

And even if after 20 steps you realize that this is not your plan, you will be ready to create your own plan.

  1. Create your calendar on clearing the house from unnecessary things, spreading by days of making order into the various home areas.
  • Day 1: Methodize the magazines.
  • Day2: Methodize the DVDs.
  • Day3: Methodize the books.
  1. Live by the mantra: “everything has its place and putting back into its place“. Try during 10 days to follow the next 4 rules:
  • If you took something, put it back.
  • If you opened something, close it.
  • If you dropped something, pick it up.
  • If you pulled off something, hang it back.

3. Find in the house 100 things that need to be fixed. For example, change a light bulb, seal the wallpaper etc.


4. Follow the advice which all psychologists with absolutely different views give — write on a piece of paper 5 to 10 things that you’re grateful for in your life every day.

5. Make a list of small 20 things you like to do and make sure you do at least one thing a day for the next 100 days. For example, eat your lunch on a bench in the park, walk in the evening in the park with your dog, do watercolor painting, etc.

6. Keep a diary of your mental chatter —write down your thoughts and feelings that arose throughout the day. For example, how many times per day you accused yourself of something, how critical are you forward others, how many times per day you had positive thoughts etc.

7. Over the next 100 days try to have a good laugh at least once a day.

Learning or self-development

8. Select a difficult book you were still undecided whether to or not to read, but wanted to. Read it in the next 100 days.

9. Learn something new every day. For example, the name of a flower, the capital of a far country, the name of a dog breed you like etc. and in the evening you can scroll in the head all the new things you have learned during the day, get a dictionary and learn a new word.

10. Stop complaining in the following 100 days. Negative thoughts lead to negative results. Every time you want to complain, try to stop yourself.

11. Set your alarm clock for a minute earlier each subsequent day for 100 days. Try to get up immediately after the alarm rang, open the windows, and make light exercises. Over 100 days you’ll wake up to 1.5 hours earlier without much effort.

12. In the next 100 days, keep a diary called “Morning pages” – a simple stream of the consciousness’s thoughts in the morning. This should be the first thing you will do after you woke up.

13. In the next 100 days, try to focus on the thoughts, words, and images of who you want to be and what you want to achieve.


14. Make the budget. Write down every penny you spend during 100 days.

15. Look for sound financial pieces of advice on the Internet and then use 10 of them. Try to follow them over the next 100 days. For example, a trip to the store with limited cash and no credit cards, making several chores for a single trip to save on gasoline, etc.

16. Pay in stores only with paper money and put the change in a moneybox after the purchases. Over 100 days count how many you can accumulate.

17. During the following 100 days don’t buy anything you don’t really need (we mean quite a large purchase). Use that money to pay the loan (if you have one) or put it in a deposit account for a half year.

18. During the next 100 days spend at least 1:0 per day to search for or create a source of extra income.

Time management

19. Over the next 100 days carry everywhere a notebook with you.  Record all the ideas and thoughts that come into your head, make your to-do list, write new meetings literally on the run right after you had the call.

20. Make sure how you use your time during 5 days. Use the information you gathered to draw up your “temporary budget”: the percentage of the total time spent on the things that you do every day. For example, home cleaning, travel time to work, recreation, etc. make sure that you keep in the limits of your budget in the following 95 days.

21. Define the low priority things, which you may not do during 100 days, and replace it with a really important activity.

22. Identify the 5 “drains” of your time and limit the time spent on these activities in the next 100 days. For example, do not watch television for longer than 1.5 hours, not more 1.5 hours per day on social networks, etc.

23. In the next 100 days, cancel your multitasking and do only one important thing each day.

24. In the next 100 days plan your day in the evening

25. In the next 100 days do first the most important things from your task list, and then everything else.

26. Over the next 14 weeks do a review each week. During the weekly poll, please answer the following questions:

  • What you achieved?
  • What didn’t work well?
  • What did you do right?

27. In the next 100 days at the end of each day, bring up in order your desktop. In this way, each morning, you’ll have your desktop organized.

28. Make a list of all the promises and commitments that you have taken over for the next 100 days, then take a red pen and cross out the list everything that does not bring you joy or closer to your objectives.

29. Over the next 100 days before you switch from one task to another during the day, ask yourself question if this is the best implementation of your time and resources?


30. To lose half a kilo you must burn 3500 calories. If you reduce the intake of calories each day by 175, after 100 days you will lose about 2.5 kg.

31. Over the next 100 days eat veggies 5 times a day.

32. Over the next 100 days eat fruits 3 times a day.

33. Select one of your favorite, but not very healthy products, and replace it with cold turkey for 100 days.

34. In the next 100 days eat from smaller plates to control the amount of food consumed.

35. In the next 100 days drink 100% juice instead substitutes with lots of sugar.

36. In the next 100 days instead of soda drink only water.

37. Make a list of 10 light and healthy breakfasts.

38. Make a list of 20 light and healthy dishes that can be served for lunch and dinner.

39. Make a list of 10 light and healthy snacks.

40. Use your lists of healthy foods in order to plan your meals for the week ahead. Eat this way in the next 14 weeks.

41. Over the next 100 days make your own food journal to understand, if you deviate from the established menu.

42. Over the next 100 days spend every day at least 20 minutes exercising.

43. Over the next 100 days always carry a pedometer and try to pass on 10000 steps a day.

44. Configure your scales and hang the schedule in the bathroom. At the end of each of the 14 weeks weigh yourself and record data on weight loss/gain, changes in the level of the waist, etc.

45. Within the next 100 days, set the clock or the computer to remind you every hour to drink water.

46. Within the next 100 days meditate, breathe, visualize — make it a daily ritual to soothe your conscience.


47. Within the next 100 days every day find something positive in your partner and record it.

48. Over the next 100 days, keep a joint album, do scrapbooking. At the end of your experiment, give your partner the resulting album and a list of all the positive things that you have observed during these 100 days.

49. Determine for you two 3 actions you’ll perform every day for the next 100 days to strengthen your relationship. It may be the words “I love you” or a hug every morning.

Social life

50. Interact every day for the next 100 days with someone new. This could be your neighbor, with whom you’ve never talked, a comment on a blog where you’ve never wrote, a new friend in a social network, etc.

51. Over the next 100 days focus on communicating with people whom you admire and respect.

52. Within the next 100 days if someone offended or upset you, think a minute before responding.

53. Over the next 100 days don’t even think to make the final verdict before not having listened to both sides.

54. Over the next 100 days, try to do at least one good deed a day, no matter how small it is.

55. Within the next 100 days praise everyone who deserves it.

56. Over the next 100 days practice active listening. When your interlocutor speaks, listen to him, rather than rehearse in your mind his answer, ask for clarification again to make sure that you have heard correctly everything etc.

57. Practice sympathy in the next 100 days. Before you judge someone, try to look at it from his point of view. Be curious; learn more about this person (his interests, beliefs, etc.)

58. Over the next 100 days live your life and don’t compare yourself with anyone else.

59. Within the next 100 days look for the good intentions in the actions of others.

60. Over the next 100 days remind yourself constantly that everyone is doing his best.

Good luck!